Campaigns and Camellias

‘What have camellias got to do with campaigning?’ you may ask.
Well, it was the date of the launch of the wearethechange website, and maybe it was because it was the fullest moon in twenty years or something , but it was a bit crazy. I didn’t know who was coming, I’d had a hard week at work etc etc.
So, the launch party was in a few hours time and I knew I had to prioritize.
‘What is the most important thing for me to do now?’ I asked myself. The answer was surprising – ring back a very old friend in a nursing home in Norway. So I did, which was only correct as we’d got cut off the day before and I’d said I’d ring her back. Then ‘See the camellias!’ If I rushed, I would see the last 10 mins of the display in my local park, which ended that day. So I did. The amazingly beautiful, cascading flowers were red, red and pink and – just perfect.
And my point is? As part of ‘being the change, ‘ I believe it is important to nurture ourselves, have time for the flowers,the fun, friends or family. Sometimes its harder to push ourselves to make time for fun, than to push ourselves to do more work. But its good to. Otherwise there’s a danger of becoming bitter,burned out and belligerent.
And the camellias? I took pictures of them which I showed at the launch. And to put on this website. Perfect!
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