Choosing Choice

Don’t you think it’s interesting that within the same situation, people can make widely different choices? If we asked everyone on the 26th March, March for the Alternative, to draw a flower, for example, then I guarantee each one would be different- unless we had some psychic twins along or something!
Likewise in life and campaigning, there are so many different choices we can make. The most poignant story I’ve heard that shows this, is the story of caring people. Caring even in the most appalling conditions.
Even in the midst of the terrible suffering in the concentration camps in the Second World War, some souls were seen to be wandering amongst the other prisoners, dispensing crumbs from their starvation level bread allowance, along with crumbs of comfort.
Even more amazing is the story of a former prisoner from one of the concentration camps.When he was out of the prison, he realised these attrocities would one day come to light and the perpetrators would come to court. He realised that for justice to be done, a witness would be needed to say what had happened.So,he decided to be that witness and actually broke IN to a concentration camp.
Such courage and humanity takes my breath away.
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  1. Jessica your niece! says:

    That IS amazing!

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