November Inspiration Month Drop In

You are cordially invited to our free drop in sessions and activities throughout the month of November to UPLIFT and INSPIRE you with others as we move forward into winter .

There will be:

Guided walk and Talks around Chiswick House Park.
A brisk walk five times a week is said to be hugely beneficial for your health, but motivation is what’s often lacking. So come with us!

Meditation classes. No experience necessary.
Simple ways to train your mind to be more focussed and more positive.

Helping you to go forward in your life, with Solution focussed therapy.

Relaxation Workshops.
To help you overcome anxiety and stress.

Talks on healthy eating.

Social Drop in time.
Coffee, making healthy lunch together, games, art, happy talking, sharing positive stories, adding to the We Are The Change Earth Hug artworks etc

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